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We are a staffing solutions company specializing in Employment-based Visas and Remote Workers

We connect motivated Foreign Nationals with trustworthy Employers seeking reliable team members.  

Whether you are an international worker or a U.S. company, let us help you turn obstacles into opportunities.

Our Mission

At U.S. Direct Hire, our mission is to connect motivated Foreign Nationals seeking U.S. Permanent Residency with qualified U.S. Employers capable of petitioning for an EB-3 Unskilled Visa (Green Card).  Supported by our trusted legal affiliates, we are here to help navigate you through this complex journey.  Learn more about EB-3 Visas by clicking here: EB-3 Visa Opportunities 

What differentiates U.S. Direct Hire? 

At U.S. Direct Hire, we prioritize close collaboration with each applicant to meticulously prepare their case. Whether you're applying solo or with family, we pride ourselves on crafting tailored solutions that align your interests with those of the employer. Here are several ways we differentiate ourselves from other immigration staffing firms:

#1 - Exceptional Employer Partnerships: 

We meticulously screen and select exceptional Employers who genuinely value and respect international applicants. Each Employer partner is committed to helping you on your immigration journey and eagerly anticipates your inclusion in their corporate family.

#2 - Prime Locations: 

Our job openings span vibrant metropolitan areas across the U.S., offering access to thriving international communities. These cities provide affordable housing, robust social connections, quality education options for children, and diverse career opportunities for spouses 

#3 - Desirable Job Opportunities: 

We have a diverse range of positions in safe and hygienic fields like Hospitality, Food Services, and Health/Home Care. Our positions—such as front desk attendants, housekeepers, and counter workers—typically offer annual salaries of $25,000 to $30,000, plus benefits.   

#4 - Affordable & flexible Program:

Our program is designed to be both affordable and adaptable for Foreign Nationals, with milestone-driven payment plans and deferred payment options available in certain cases. We strive to ensure accessibility to our EB-3 program for all, regardless of financial constraints.

#5 - Excellent Legal Partners:

We collaborate with an independent, experienced legal team dedicated to safeguarding your interests. With nearly 30 years of combined experience in immigration law and processing EB3 Visas, our legal partners will work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome. 

#6 - Premier Customer Service:

Recognizing the significance of relocating to the U.S., we prioritize customer case management and transparency throughout the EB-3 Visa process. This includes a complimentary legal consultation and the opportunity to meet your prospective employer before committing.

Our Core Services


Hotels and Resorts

Food & Retail 

Boutique Shops & Fast Food Restaurants

Health/Home Care

Nursing Home Facilities & Home Help Care 

Match with a Sponsor

Finding an Employer Sponsor can be challenging; however, with U.S. Direct Hire, the process becomes easier. Explore our available EB-3 positions, and let us assist you in finding a position that aligns with your and your family's goals.

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